Lawyers on the train (High Tatras – Slovakia) – ENGLISH version


In Bratislava we decided to change our plans.

We could go straight to Krakow, by a direct and comfortable train. It would take no more than 6 or 7 hours.

Yes we could, but it was not the same thing.

Despite that we decided to cross the Slovakia through the mountains (High Tatras) and enter Poland by the most unlikely place, crossing a river of white water, coming from Tatras’s melting snow…


It would take longer and it was impossible to escape to several transports changes .

We had to carry our own backpacks and wait for buses that we did not even know it they existed …

We decided to get on the road, even better on the “rail”.

Returning to the train station in Bratislava, we bought a lot of food and water as it was extremely hot that day. At the train station they tell us that has no booked place on the train, we feel free to chose the one that we like. Afterward, the one that I choosed seems to have some kind of honey. It looks like everyone had booked the same place… Anyway, I had to change a couple of times.

You easy can realise what we can do in a 5-hours train journey, almost everything. We stare at the landscape and said good bye for the time to the Danube. We paid attention to the diverse rhythm of things here, the places and, more remarkable, the people.

We met Mira, a lawyer starting a new career in Kosice in eastern Slovakia. For anyone who studied laws, apparently the problems here are quite the same as in Portugal.

To many graduates, too many private schools, so little work and miserable wages. Even worse, that problem cuts across all areas of study.

“There are too many graduates”, says Mira. Consequently, many are forced to emigrate. She also had an international experience in England. If its career does not go as she wants, she consider to go back. The really nice conversation allowed us to better understanding the feelings of the slovakian youth people, and their problems. And at last we found out that we share the most of them.

 The Tatras are growing, they became bigger and bigger, and at the end of the rail, Poprad is arising.

Three “Lawyers on the train”, a nice way to end up the first part of the journey.


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