Gnome hunting in Wrocław


They are spread all around the town. This little half-man are growing in number and popularity. Unlike other cities around the globe, the most popular attraction in Wrocław is neither a Cathedral nor a museum, but this fantastic creatures beloved by residents and tourists.

In polish folklore gnomes always had a special role, as they had in all north european culture.

The Gnomes arrived in Wrocław around the ’80, and very early were linked to the underground movement who protest against communism: “the orange alternative movement”.

As the communism and anti-communism faded away in the 1990’s, the Gnomes remained and rapidly became the symbol of the city.

If there’s one thing we were not expecting were to be hosted by the gnomes in this city. It is pretty clear that I am exaggerating , but the gnomes are certainly one of the main attractions of Wroclaw.

The truth is: that they are where you don’t expect. They look askance at you, they challenge you …

There are gnomes painters, firefighters, construction workers and even, look at this, motobikers. Someone told me that they are growing from day to day like mushrooms, not in size but in number.

Although they spread all around the city, is in the city center where they are largely concentrated. It is possible to take part in a real gnome hunt. However, getting a good map showing their location is the best way to your work become much easier.




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